Interior and Exterior Signage Products

main identification sign

Exterior Signs

Howard Industries PRIME Sign Programs offers a comprehensive line of modular exterior signage systems which include aluminum post and panel signs, illuminated or non-illuminated pylon and monument signs, channel letters, wall mount signage systems and our patented Perma-Banner pole banner system. These durable signage systems are perfect for building and site identification, parking and wayfinding/directional signage applications.

Interior Directory Signage

Interior Signs

Interior Signs create a consistent visual display of information and directions to guide people to their destinations within your facility. Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program provides customized, easily updated and user-friendly interior signage solutions for any facility. Choose from our signature HID aluminum frame paper insert system, Standard Acrylic Series and custom acrylic interior signage designs.

SGuard Acrylic Panels

SGuard Essential Wellness Shields

In most state and local municipalities, both CDC and WHO guidelines recommend the use of plastic sneeze guards to create a physical barrier between people that might be exposed to each other while in their place of business, school, work place or other public facility. They help to reduce the incidence of transmission of viruses, germs and disease. The SGuard Essential Wellness Shield is an appropriate solution.

No Smoking Signs

Facility Smoking Signs

Promote a clean, health conscious environment in any facility with the use of Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program's Facility Smoking Signage. Regulate and/or prohibit the use of tobacco products, e-cigs, and more with these customizable interior and exterior property signs. In addition to facility protection, these signs offer an opportunity for brand identity reinforcement as well.

Donor Recognition Signage

Donor Recognition Signs

Recognizing donor generosity with signage can be an important part of your facility or organization's growth and development. Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program offers an endless array of interior and exterior Donor Recognition Signage. Our signage design experts will work closely with you to create stunning and inspiring Donor Recognition Signage that acknowledges, celebrates and captures the generous spirit of your organizations benefactors.

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