Interior ADA Compliant Regulatory Signage

ada compliant interior sign

Interior ADA Compliant Regulatory Signage

An absolutely essential component to publicly accessible buildings, such as those present at healthcare, college/university, senior living, banking and commercial facilities, is ADA compliant regulatory interior signage. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets forth certain interior signage criteria for these types of buildings. The ADA Accessibility Guidelines require certain types of signs and regulates proper placement of these signs. Howard Industries’ PRIME Sign Program ADA signage experts can successfully recommend, design and install these Government regulated signs.

Our experienced and talented signage design staff can create ADA compliant interior signs that not only function in accordance with the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, but aesthetically complement your facility’s interior surroundings. Our designers can design ADA compliant interior signage that also reinforces your facility’s brand image, further assisting your institution’s marketing efforts. In addition, as the backbone of any facility’s wayfinding plan, properly designed ADA compliant interior signage also contributes greatly to the success of the visitor experience.

Our ADA Compliant Regulatory Signs are available in many sizes and styles to custom suit your facilities wayfinding needs. Our ADA Compliant Regulatory Signs Offer:

  • ADA Compliancy— both our HID aluminum frame system and custom acrylic signage have raised tactile copy and Grade 2 Braille capabilities
  • Variety of Styles— choose from our signature HID aluminum frame paper insert signage system, Five Standard Acrylic Series or custom acrylic signage options
  • Customizeable Dividers— consolidate certain regulatory messages using our rubber dividers
  • Complement Interior Décor— with multiple color and substrate options available, we can customize the look of any interior sign to accompany any interior environment

ADA Compliant Regulatory Signage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Restroom Identification Signs
  • Stairwell Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Exit Signs
  • Maximum Occupancy Signs

Photoluminescent Signage

  • ADA Compliant Staircase ID Signs
  • Visible for Hours in Total Darkness
  • No Power Required
  • Promotes Faster Evacuation
  • Tactile (raised) Letters and Grade 2 Braille
  • Building (IBC) and Fire (IFC) Code Compliant Technology

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Interior Bank Sign
Interior Restroom Sign
Elevator Regulatory Sign

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